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Caremark Broxtowe & Erewash testimonials

At Caremark Broxtowe & Erewash, we take pride in achieving complete customer satisfaction by providing services that are not only cost effective, but very person centred and of high quality.

We treat our customers with sensitivity, creativity, respect and enhance their rights and dignity by supporting and enabling them to live the life they want.
"The care we receive from Caremark is second to none. The staff are brilliant, always chatty and friendly and absolutely great at their job.

Roy always has a smile on his face when they come in and is appreciative of what they do for him. They are also great for me because they give me a break and do the things that I can’t do for Roy."
Wife of client07/10/2019
“I have the same carers, which is important to me because I get anxious when I don’t know people.The carers who look after me are all fantastic; I trust they completely and they have become an extended family.

“The things Nicola and Carol have done for me go well beyond what is detailed in my care plan, but that’s what makes them and Caremark so good.They have helped me feel much more confident in myself.”
Lynne, a client07/10/2019
"Could you also give all the ladies that are looking after mum a pat on the back & a thank you from us everything looks lovely & clean & mum seems very content, & whoever re-organised the drawers WELL DONE my sister wonders why we didn't think of it before."JL - Daughter of BW
"We are very happy with you and want to say thank you to Liz for all your great work"CC Daughter of WW
"Charlie the carer is excellent, really bubbly and appears to be an excellent carer.
I am very impressed.
Please pass on my comments
All three of us eg Mum myself and lucky really liked her, her exuberance for the job is very refreshing."
MH Daughter of TB
"We are happy with the service provided as Eddie is very comfortable and happy"WB wife of EB
We have carers 4 times a day to support my father with a variety of care i.e washing, dressing. meals etc. He is the most caring and professional person who is part of a team providing care for my father. He has a gentle manner and nothing is too much trouble. My dad feels a really strong bond with his carer and he has become a valid and welcome visitor and enables my dad to keep his dignity at all times.Daughter of Geoffrey H
"My sister and I have been very pleased with the help and support provided by Caremark since February 2016. The carers themselves have all been really lovely and friendly. They make sure that mum takes her medication properly and that she has plenty to eat and drink during the day. They help out with her laundry (putting the washing on the clothes-airer), they will hoover through the flat for her, and even help her out if she's got into a mess with her knitting.
Having the carers looking after mum is very re-assuring for us as we can't be with her all the time. We know that mum will have a bit of company and someone to have a chat with everyday which I know she really enjoys and benefits from enormously.
We are very happy and satisfied with the service provided by Caremark so far, and so is mum. Thank you."
Beverley F (Daughter of Service User)
"I have the best homecare. If I want something they are both there. I count them as my friends. They help with my shopping, hairdressers and bank."AG (Service User)
"The staff members have have met and dealt with have all been polite and professional, but more than that, they make a definite effort to be kind and understanding.
The carers who come to care for my mother are on time and diligent, they are smart and professional and provide the service required admirably, more than that, they are helpful, within the limits of their specifications, to do everything they can to help my mum.
I feel confident for her well-being knowing they are there."
Andrew B (Son of Client/Service User)
"Thank you for the excellent care all are providing for my mother."Son of Client EB
"Please pass on my personal thanks on behalf of myself Mum and Lucky to

Tannischa,Charlie,and Debbie,who are doing a wonderful job of caring for my Mum and going that extra mile.

Lucky adores all three of them too.

A great team, and so reassuring Caremark are lucky to have these three ladies.
It helps to get the continuity too,long may it continue as this makes a massive difference"
MH daughter of client
Clients husband called expressing thanks for the support being provided:

"I really appreciate the professional sincere care that is being provided to my wife and I feel confident she will be looked after now that I'm soon to go back to work"

He also added that he’d like Jade to know how much he valued her efforts early this morning, considering she’d visited them late last night. Also how she embraced the challenging call this morning in such a cheerful friendly manner, putting Margaret instantly at ease.
Husband of service user MP
Proud of positive feedback from our Care & Support Workers:

"Thank you so much that has made my day.I feel very proud to be part of such a great team."

"Hi Raj thank you for that i love working for your company"
Members of the Caremark Broxtowe & Erewash Care Team
"You are probably aware that mum is quite ill at the moment,. Although we are all very hands on at the minute we would like to carry on with the care package even though one or more of us will be there through out the day. The girls probably have much more experience at dealing with these kind of situations & mum does like to see them. Please pass on our thanks to all of them for being so caring & understanding. Special thanks to the one that called 111 on sunday(could be Lorna) & then my sister to put her in the picture & to Cara who was very helpful yesterday."Daughter of BW (service user)
Visited this a.m., she has a big smile on her face and is very happy!
Good work you lot!
Big Thanks
Nottinghamshire County Council Social Worker
The way you interact with Hannah is amazing. The way you talk to her is really nice and caring you are all amazing I’m so grateful. Thank the lord I now have 2 carers for each call.
You are all doing an amazing job.
Mother of young adult service user
“I’m really pleased with the staff. Keep sending Cherie Donna Lumpka Danielle Viviane and Katy. Hannah really loves them and interacts with them and beaming smiles. Thanks to Cherie for the massages! Hannah really does love them. Thx Donna for the cuddles. Keep singing Lumka I’m getting there with the teeth brushing! Love the singing! I just love attention!”Service user's next of kin
"Thank you for all you and your teams help, you have made a very stressful situation easier to manage with your great care"Mrs S daughter of service user
"I really appreciated the call from the supervisor regarding mum's care service and that everything was fine and how proactive you are compared to other companies and the extra mile your carers are going."LS (Daughter of Service User)
"I'd like to say how very helpful all the carers are and how they make me feel really comfortable when providing personal care. They are very kind and can't do enough for me"RB (service user)
“That he loves Tara, enjoys her conversation and she is very good at her job”.NH (service user)
Caremark has been a pleasure to deal with, from start to finish. We contacted you at a time when our lives were upside down, and our hearts were breaking. We knew mum didn't have long, and we needed to ensure the time we had left with her was as easy as possible, and that mum was safe, comfortable, and well cared for.
From the first phone call we made to you, until the last call the carers did, we felt reassured, and confident in the care our mum received.

Every carer that came to mums were lovely and friendly, but most of all, caring. Each one had different strengths, and personalities, but they were all extremely positive, and went beyond the call of duty on a daily basis. We honestly couldn't have wished for more.

Your carers made our mum's last few months more bearable, and put a smile on our mum's face, everyday. They showed our mum genuine affection, which meant the world to mum, and us. They not only supported our mum, but they supported us too.

So sorry this e mail has gone on....and on! I'm afraid I can't help giving credit, where credit is due. Also, I went into assessor mode, which I apologise for. I worked in care for many years, and have had many roles. I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly, so I was ready to do battle, instruct, and generally ensure any misdemeanours made by carers, were jumped on quick when you guys first started (I was very protective of mum, so please don't judge me too harshly) but, I didn't have to do anything, which was very surprising, but a blessed relief. I could concentrate on being with mum, and treasuring the time we had left, and that was thanks to you guys.
You, and your carers make a difference. The difference between chaos, and calm. Anxiety, or peace of mind. Please don't ever underestimate what you do, and how much you help.

I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to you, the office staff (big thank you to lovely Zadee) and your wonderful carers, from me, my sisters, and our beautiful mum.
VT - Daughter of Service User
Thank you for your generous consideration dealing with this case. Added to that I again repeat my compliments to your team for their efforts, my Mother is very pleased with the service received.SG son of Service User
“Your care team are a credit to you, they are always on time and always go the extra mile, my nan can be a little cantankerous at times but she has warmed to each and every one of them. We feel completely safe and happy knowing my nan is being well cared for”.Lillian daughter of service user
“I am really grateful to the girls, they have helped me get back my independence, it’s not nice relying on people but I actually enjoy the girls coming now, they help me do the few things I can’t, I have a trolley now and feel more stable on my feet, don’t stop the girls yet though they make me feel secure. what is really good is that I manage to cancel them at Christmas for a few days and it felt good to manage on my own.”Service user of Caremark (Broxtowe & Erewash)
You are all about helping people and you have others to care for, in the same great way you consistently cared for Alec.

We are so appreciative for the work of the team and all your care and love. I have started to look through photos and you all saw dad through the final months and years and were critical in helping him get to the place where he died content and peaceful. Thank you all!
Daughter of Service User
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