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Trishna Patel

Managing Director

Trishna came to U.K in 2005 and from then has had experience in many varied fields. Trishna started her career in retail, where she learnt a lot of skills like team and time management, working with different personalities and foremost customer service. In 2010 Trishna started her first office-based job, where she worked for NHS and directly served the community. Trishna brings values of integrity, empathy, putting patients first and strive for the best.

Trishna’s interest to start a Caremark franchise is very personal. Trishna’s aim is to provide customers with the best service with high standards .


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Shelly Verma

Managing Director

Shelly started her career as an Electronics Engineer, working from the ground up as technical operations manager, through the ranks to senior Management positions and Project Manager. Boasting a strong academic background and proven track of bringing value to business, as well as possessing valuable customer facing skills and an agile technical mind Shelly can produce innovative technological and managerial solutions to seemingly intractable problems.

After taking a career break for last 2 years, Shelly has been looking for a way to make her contribution to the society. Taking care of people especially elderly is a cause Shelly is passionate about and this is the reason she decided to associate herself to Caremark.

In her free time, Shelly enjoys reading.

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Cheker Rao Bhikoo

Care Manager

As a dynamic professional Care Manager Cheker started his career in care as a Senior Carer, then learned and gained experience and knowledge to become a Care Manager. With his robust background in Management and Law, he blends academic knowledge with rich practical experience. His ability to communicate clearly and organize effectively makes him an ideal candidate eager to bring his skills to a new horizon with in the care sector.  His journey has been marked by a unique fusion of theory and practice, setting him apart in the competitive professional field of the healthcare sector. With a mature outlook and a self-driven attitude, he consistently infuses teamwork, efficiency, and precision into his work environment. As always, his approach to problem-solving is proactive, with flexibility that allows him to tackle various challenges successfully. With his strong verbal and written communication skills are fundamental to fostering productive interactions and collaborations. Excelling in customer service, he utilize innovative thinking and systematic methods to craft solutions. His dedication to achieving outstanding results has been proven time and again. As part of the Caremark Brent team, he will always bring values as a professional who not only brings in-depth expertise but also a forward-thinking and results-focused attitude, with customers’ satisfaction. As he always says he is always ready to make a significant contribution to the community to achieve a better living for people he care about.

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