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Caremark Mole Valley & Waverley testimonials

At Caremark Mole Valley & Waverley, we take pride in achieving complete customer satisfaction by providing services that are not only cost effective, but very person centred and of high quality.

We treat our customers with sensitivity, creativity, respect and enhance their rights and dignity by supporting and enabling them to live the life they want.
I can't thank the team enough for the excellent care and support they have given my Mum during Covid. We couldn't visit just like the rest of the country. This broke our hearts not being bale too. The team would ring us on video so Mum could see us and talk. It was a lifeline for us all. They stepped in and supported with all our usual support, shopping, cleaning and ensuring our Mum wanted for nothing and feared nothing. They were excellent and still are with there PPE wearing and once visiting was opening up providing PPE for our family to feel safe and feel we are keeping Mum safe.
I don't know what I would have done without them.
Mrs H05/05/2021
We live quite a long way from our parents, but have been reassured that they are being kept safe by the team at Caremark. They have kept us in touch doing video calls, and have made sure our parents have felt supported during such a difficult time. We have been clapping for you all every Thursday night.Mr & Mrs F16/05/2020
Thank you to the amazing carers who have been supporting dad through these unprecedented times. You are our Local Heros!Mr F02/05/2020
Caremark Mid Surrey have ensured that my mother has continued to receive excellent care during the Covid-19 pandemic. I have felt confident that the staff have continued to care for her wearing all of their PPE - and a smile on their faces. Thank you for keeping her safe!Mrs P30/04/2020
An amazing group of people, nothing is too much trouble for them to sort out. If you have a problem they are wonderful at listening and coming up with a solution. All the carers have a vocation not just a job to look after people. Its such a comfort to find a company that want whats good for the client and not just themselves.

Keep up the good work Fiona.
Daughter of client19/09/2018
My carer has gone out of their way to make my life easier. They are a company that will go above and beyond - who I could not cope without now. They show me real compassion and help me in so many different ways. I cannot praise them enough. Keep up the good work Caremark!A client17/07/2018
The team who support my father are kind and thoughtful. They put a smile on his face every time they visit him.
An amazing company with great staff.
A client15/04/2018
I cannot thank Caremark Mid Surrey enough for taking on the clients and staff in Cranleigh. My mother has received fantastic care from a caring and reliable team

Thank you
Son of client01/03/2018
Absolutely fantastic home care company. Everything is always possible with them whether it's taking someone out for a coffee to food shopping or even just a chat at home. Always a warm welcoming smile on the carers faces. Very understanding, communication between carers and family is brilliant, always kept up to date on any changes. Can not fault them for anything they have done. We class all the carers as part of our family and they take care of their clients as if they were their family.Fuscia Scooter 2119/12/2017
I had been struggling with caring for my own family and my Mother who is not well, trying to manage and keep everybody happy. I didn't want to ask for help and was worried my Mother would resent me if I did. I contacted Caremark in Leatherhead one day when I felt totally exhausted and at my wits end, just for some advice and to see what might be available. From the first call, I was helped to feel so much better. The staff are wonderful, they support my mother so well that she has already told me that I should have got extra support in before now! I can help where I can and would like and the girls make sure that all my worries are put at ease when I can't be there. Thank you Caremark Mid Surrey, you've brought me and family back to life!Sam H. Dorking12/10/2017
The team at Caremark Mid Surrey are amazing. They started with our Mum as weekly domestic help, soon our Mum decided she wanted no other care team but them. They stepped in and up to the challenge of helping our Mum with all her needs as her health declined. They stuck by her when she needed end of life care with Fiona stepping in with a moments notice to stay over night whilst Matt and her set up emergency live in care. They supported us with the CCG and district nurses. Our mother was treated like a queen until she fell asleep.

Nothing was to much for any member of the team. They made our Mums final goodby perfect and full of love and laughter. We can't thank them enough and have already added our names for when the time comes.

Thanks gang you were amazing.
Mr M08/08/2017
The team took care of our Mum for 3 years. She could be so stubborn of women, but really was just a terrified lady with a huge persona to hide behind. They recognised this, worked with her and she flourished. The laughing we would hear as we arrived sometimes was great. It would be our Mum making the staff laugh with her stories and anecdotes about life. She thrived with them, knowing she could call when she was scared, worried or upset changed her. Nothing was to much for the team. When the end came we asked Mums smaller team if they would like to come say goodbye. They did and even then there was giggles. If you ever need care these are your guys. They are flexible, supportive and just brilliant.D and C Alder04/05/2017
Caremark took care of a neighbour of mine. They had no family but their carers. The carers took all the time in the world with them and made them feel like they were part of a family at last. I know they appreciated it to the very end. Every person was so sensitive with my neighbour, they took time and effort to make them feel safe.
I wish everyone got to have a family like my neighbour did.
The staff are amazing. They go above and beyond supporting my mother - nothing is too much trouble for them. They are polite and professional. The office staff are always on hand to give the whole family advice and support too through challenging times.
Thank you Fiona & the team.
Daughter of client01/01/2017
Our Dad was the proudest man I knew, when he became ill and required help I called Caremark stepped up to the challenges this would bring. They worked closely with his nursing team with his own team being created and each trained to assist him. As his condition worsened they stepped in as and when we required to assist him. The Caremark team became his friends, his confidants and his team who stayed to the end. They treated him with kindness, love and dignity. As a family we loved being there when the girls arrived as they would let us know how he was, and help us laugh with him when we felt lost and sad.

Thank you for your uncompromising care.
I wanted to arrange support for my mother when we were worried about her but she did not accept she needed help. The Caremark staff recognised this situation and were able to help her in a sensitive way. When her needs suddenly increased, Caremark worked really hard to provide sufficient support at very short notice. CGCG21/11/2016
My Dad has Alzheimer's. Caremark Mid-Surrey looked after him for a number of years, enabling him to stay in his home despite his problems. Rather then having to go into Residential/nursing care.
The carers were always kind, helpful and considerate towards him. They liaised well with the family and were flexible in accommodating his changing needs.
Caremark took care of our Mum and gave her the most amazing care. We could also guarantee a great story from her about what laughs she had had with her carers that day. They gave her a new lease off life. She had friends to chat and moan too. We would say to anyone looking for care, call Caremark Mid Surrey, they will bend over trying to help you and find information out for you. They will liaise with other agencies and services for you.

If you need help with support for a loved one call them, you really won't regret it.

Thank you to all the team at Caremark for helping our Mum.
"The carers are very kind to me and I look forward to them coming. I also like the conversation too"Mrs D - client18/06/2013
"Thank you for looking after my husband so sympathetically, and enabling me to keep him at home for as long as possible. I really appreciated how flexible you were, and I would like to thank all of his carer's for everything they did"Mrs L - client's wife12/06/2013
"We are very pleased with the service we have received from Caremark Mid Surrey. The carers who have attended my husband have been very efficient, caring, and are always on time"Mrs H - client's wife01/05/2013
"All staff get here on time and are polite and friendly. I am very pleased with the service I receive"Mr B - client25/03/2013
"I am very grateful to caremark Mid Surrey who have been reliable and adaptable, very kind and helpful, especially during the snow! I couldn't manage without you. Thank you so much."Mrs C - client's wife01/03/2013
" I am very pleased with the help you have given me. My carer is like a breath of fresh air"Mr L - client19/12/2012

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