We love our customers, and they seem to love us too!

The carers my grandmother has are truly wonderful and we are so grateful for all of their help. We cannot fault Caremark – they go above and beyond for us and are miles better than other care providers we have had before. Thank you for everything!

ND – granddaughter of customer

All the carers from Caremark are very good and humble.  They help my wife with all kinds of tasks.  They are always punctual and look after my wife very well

IN – husband of customer

All my mother’s carers are good. They are very pleasant and helpful. Caremark’s management make every attempt to fit in with her requirements.

AA – son of customer

The services offered are excellent. The carer is very good and speaks the same language as my wife and this makes the communication absolutely amazing and it is so great to see my wife engaging fully with her carer. Also the service provided by the carer is excellent and the carer is very understanding and always ready to be flexible and agreeing to change the service times to suit us. Every time she comes in she is able to judge my wife’s needs. I recommend Caremark to everyone who needs care services.

KS – husband of customer

The care that the main carer provides to my Dad is outstanding! The level of attention, patience and proactivity has noticeably and directly improved my Dad’s condition.

NS – son of customer

Our carer is excellent and she is always punctual and works the full duration that she is expected to and she is very hardworking.  She is extremely kind and caring towards my mother.  She speaks the same language as my mother which helps with their communication.  She understands my mother’s needs fully and understands her limitations and care requirements.  We are very happy with our carer and she has become like family to us.

FB – daughter of customer

The carers are very friendly and caring and do a great job with my Mum.  They are very patient with her and do a fantastic job with cooking her meals!

KP- son of customer

I am very pleased with the carer who comes to sit with my husband and enabling me to catch a few hours for myself to shop.  She always chats to him and gives him tea and biscuits while I am away shopping.

EB – wife of customer

My Mum’s Live In carer is great with her and has encouraged her to do lots of things that she thought that she would not be able to do again, such as shopping and baking.  She is very patient, kind and encouraging and adapts to suit Mum.  She really does care, it’s not just her job!

LL – daughter of customer

We have had a very good experience with our carer.  He is very hardworking and helps a lot with my father’s physical and mental state.  He is very consistent and helps with anything asked of him.  The four months that he has been caring for my father has dramatically helped and improved his state and my father is less worried now as there is someone regularly coming in to help him out and chatting with him.

DG – daughter of customer

The Live In and support carers are very professional and have a pleasant attitude.  I have known the team for over 4 years.  They are very courteous and have a great manner.  When around other residents in the Supported Living environment that I manage they are wonderful.  Thank you Caremark Harrow!

ML – warden of Supported Living building where our customer lives

Thank you for everything that you did for my Mum over the years.  I really appreciate it.  I felt happy knowing that the carers took good care of her.  That meant less worry for me!  And all the staff in the office were wonderful – so thank you.

NP – daughter of deceased customer

My mother has had Live In care with Caremark since May 2023.  Everything this agency and their carers have done for her is first class and I cannot thank them or recommend them enough!  There is a very clear and stated policy of a main carer being on duty for five weeks followed by a week’s break.  Not only is the main carer incredible both as a professional and an individual but Caremark also provide the same replacement carer for that week’s break and she is excellent too.  Live In care is never cheap but you will also pay a lot less with Caremark than other agencies the family and I have come across.

AC – son of customer

We have had a wonderful experience with Caremark Harrow and have received excellent support from their management team.  Our main carer is very kind, considerate, very experienced and has developed an excellent raletionship with my disabled brother and mother.

KM – customer’s sister

The carer is professional in his care of my husband. He is patient, caring and supportive. We have had the same carer for nearly 4 years and it feels like he is part of the family and has been very helpful on this dementia journey with us.

TT – wife of customer

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