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Caremark Harrow testimonials

At Caremark Harrow, we take pride in achieving complete customer satisfaction by providing services that are not only cost effective, but very person centred and of high quality.

We treat our customers with sensitivity, creativity, respect and enhance their rights and dignity by supporting and enabling them to live the life they want.
I am very happy with my carer. She is very friendly and nice to know.MT - Client16/03/2020
Thank you all at Caremark for all your help in a difficult period for me. Wishing you all the very best of everything - keep up the good workAD - former client (Now feeling better)26/02/2020
All my carers are good. They support me with personal care and house work like domestic tasks. Thanks to Caremark for providing me with a carer as I now feel very confident myself.RP07/02/2020
Very happy with the service. Good communication, kind and caring carers.SL - Client05/02/2020
I am always happy with all my carers. They look after me nicely.MP - Client03/02/2020
I am happy with Caremark (Harrow) and would recommend them to anybody. They are a caring team, they always come in on time and look after my mother-in-law very well.AP - daughter-in-law of a client24/01/2020
Thank you so much Caremark (Harrow). Caremark provide me with support for which I am grateful. I am honestly mentally ill and physically ill but I feel much better when I see my carer from Caremark - she washes the dishes, sweeps the floor and mops it clean; she also cleans the toilet and bathroom and cleans the coffee table. I love my carer and we have grown to respect one another. She also bathes me when I am ill. I am so lucky to have Caremark. Thank you Caremark. As an organisation they are very well organised and carers very well trained. I call them every week to thank them.RAS - Client24/01/2020
My carers are excellent - always punctual, polite and caringSS - Client24/01/2020
Excellent daily care. Carers are very loving and treat client as their own relative.HM - daughter of Client15/01/2020
The carer is very friendly and supports my daughter in all her activities. She uses her time well. I am very happy with the care provided by Caremark (Harrow).YS - client's mother09/01/2020
I have had my carer for two years and she is the most helpful person and I am so pleased she has stayed with me. She does anything I ask of her. We go out shopping once a week so I can fill up my freezer.MS - Client09/01/2020
Once again, thank you to you and your colleagues for being so committed, efficient (you seem to honour my requests before my ink is even dry!) and so passionate about what you do. You are "Carers" in the true sense of the word and always "on it" as the youngsters say!Daughter of a Client - RG24/07/2018
I used to use another company before Caremark and they were not so useful. Then I was introduced to Caremark - it changed my life forever! I have been disabled for a few years now and it helps when you know that someone really cares about you. That's exactly what Caremark does. My carer cleans for me, she cares for me socially and personally. I have grown to be very fond of her. It is so nice to have staff and management work together. Thank you Caremark, you are the Best and One In a Million!Mrs RS18/06/2018
The carers were very punctual and polite and helpful in every respect. They were also very pleasant at all times.Mrs SG01/06/2018
My carers always comes on time.They give me a shower and take me out for shopping. They are very kind. They look after me very well and are very friendly with me.Miss JP01/06/2018
I feel safe with my carer. The service is effective and makes a difference to my life. My carers are caring and kind. I am very happy with my carers they are all good people. I have regular carers who I get on well with. I am able to have daily showers and also go out if I want to.Mr MP06/02/2018
I feel very comfortable with my carer, she is very kind and understands my needs.
She is great and I am very grateful for her support. I get on so well with her.
Ms SW01/02/2018
I feel safe with my carer, she is kind and the service is effective and makes a difference to my life.My care worker is passionate about her work and she is honest, kind and polite. She is punctual.Ms RS01/02/2018
The service I am receiving from Caremark is effective and I feel safe with my carer, she is very caring and kind. My carer is extremely reliable and I get on so well with her. She helps so much and I look forward to seeing her.Ms MS29/01/2018
I am fond of my carer, she knows exactly what I need and I like things done. It works well.
I feel safe with my carer. Caremark provide an effective service and it makes a difference to my life. My carers are caring and kind.
Mrs VM25/01/2018
My Dad feels safe with his carers and the service we are receiving from Caremark is effective and makes a difference to all our lives. The carers are caring and Kind and take good care of my Dad, they are punctual and do the job properly.JW(Daughter of client)16/01/2018
My carer and I get on well . I like that my careworker allows me to control my needsat each call. He assists me to keep a good routine going. He always arrives promptly and is good support for me.Mr IS15/01/2018
I feel safe with my carer. She is caring and Kind and helpful. I am so happy with her, I have known her for a long time and feel very comfortable with her. The service I am receiving from Caremark is effective and makes adifference to my life.Ms CL11/01/2018
I have nice care and support workers without whom I could not manage! They are nice ladies and they work well. I am very pleased with the service I receive from Caremark.Client Mrs JU24/07/2017
I feel safe with the carers. They assist me with my personal care and I know them very well. It is nice to have consistency with the carers. They are excellent, know their job and are loyal.Mr DP24/07/2017
My carer is very good and understanding to my daughter's needs. My daughter feels very comfortable with her. We are happy with everything.Mrs S - Mother of client29/06/2017
''The carers make sure my mother feels safe. The carers are helpful and kind. They look after my mum very well and they know what they are doing.Daughter of client Mrs IE27/06/2017
I feel safe with my carer as she is caring, clever and takes pride in her job. My carer is great, she knows exactly what to do and I don't need to tell her to do anything. She s also very good at ironing.Mr JH Client22/06/2017
The carers fantastic and very helpful, they make my mother feel extremely comfortable and very safe. The carers do their best and we have no complaints.Mr T son of client.20/06/2017
We feel safe with our carer. She is very caring and interesting. My husband speaks French and it is great to have a carer who can communicate with him in a language he prefers to speak. My husband is looked after and has good company while I am out.
He gets on very well with her and enjoys her company.
Mrs P. Wife of client20/06/2017
I fell very safe with my carer. She makes a real difference to me and genuinely cares.
She is great and extremely helpful, always supporting me esp with any personal issues.
I get on with her extremely well.
Mr PO Client20/06/2017
''All my carers are lovely, caring and kind. Always on time so I have a proper routine in place. They make sure I am safe at all times when they are with me as I am prone to falling. I live on my own and have 2 regular carers who visit me every day morning and tea time. Someone from the office will always keep me informed to let me know who will be coming in if one of them is on holiday.
If I need any shopping done or have a hospital/GP appointment I can always count on Caremark to send one my regular carers to accompany me should I need that service.
Fantastic Care Company! Thank you Caremark!''
I feel very safe with my carer and the service is extremely effective. My carer is so kind.
She is priceless I don't know where I would be without her, she is like part of the family.
Because of m carer I have become more motivated to keep up the tidyness of my home.
From SP12/01/2017
I feel safe with my carer and she definitely makes a difference to me, she is very easy to talk to . She has become a friend as well as my carer and is extremely helpful.From PO12/01/2017
The carer is very good and makes my son feel comfortable and safe.
Always on time.
From CK16/12/2016
I am happy with my support form Caremark. I go out with my carers. they are kind and spend time with me. My carer comes on time and we do things that I like. I am very happy that I can go out on Saturdays and I don't have to rely on my parents.From Mr SS14/12/2016
The carers make my father in law feel very safe. They support him well and are caring.The carers are nice and know how to deal with my father in law. The care is to a good standard.Daughter in law of customer JW02/12/2016
'The media seem to be constantly critical of the care sector. This certainly does not apply to Caremark Harrow.

We were unable to provide Mum with the day to day help that she needed because of our personal circumstances. The difficulty of our not living locally and my needing to have a carer in attendance before Sue could leave me meant that we needed a care company who could provide her with the support a family would normally give. You and your colleagues provided Mum with this support and more.

From the moment Sue met you and your Care Manager, Leigh, we felt confident that you would take good care of her and this proved to be the case. Given our personal circumstances we very much appreciated Leigh visiting us in our home to discuss changes to Mum's care package; nothing was ever too much trouble. Mum was also fortunate to have a regular carer, Sharon. Mum always felt comfortable with Sharon who was very kind to her. We especially appreciated your actions in the two emergency situations when Mum was admitted to hospital. Leigh acted with calm professionalism and it was wonderful that Sharon was able to accompany Mum in the ambulance enabling Sue time to get to the hospital.

The care that you provided Mum was without fault.

We wish you every success for the future.
From the son of a former customer
'We have decided to put Mum in a care home near us where she will have 24 hour attention as and when she needs it.

I would like to thank you all for the care thus far delivered to Mum and wish you all well for the future.

Mum has taken very much to the Caremark Team and will I am sure miss you.

Once again, my sincere thanks. The journey with you guys has been a good one.
From the son of a former customer
'I must apologize for not writing to you sooner to say 'thank you' for the excellent service Caremark Harrow provided to my Dad, my Mum and myself from September to December 2011.

Having been married for 60 years and provided each other with mutual support, the initial reluctance of my parents to accept the need for care was not unexpected. Their feelings were handled extremely professionally and flexibly by your staff. The initial assessments were carried out thoroughly, but with great sensitivity. It was particularly helpful in convincing my parents that carers were needed. Also it was impressive that a potential carer was brought to the initial meeting (even though the meeting was arranged at extremely short notice). When my parents then, initially declined to accept carers, Caremark were unfazed. Shortly afterwards, when it bacame obvious to my parents that they did indeed each need care, care was turned on at extremely short notice, and using the carer they had initially met.

Throughout the three months the carers proved extremely reliable and flexible. They also adapted well to my parents' needs, which changed markedly - not only during the 3 month period, but also from day to day.

Given the difficult situation of my father dying of cancer and my mother's mental capacity declining, there were inevitably occassions where I needed to contact your staff. They were always accessible, extremely responsive, understanding and pragmatic.

As my father's cancer worsened and he moved to St. Luke's Hospice, the support my mother required from the carers naturally increased. When he died, my mother was of course devastated; without the carers' support I cannot see how she would have coped.

Finally as it became clear that my widowed mother would need to move to residential care, the carers continued to give her the confidence to accept the inevitable.

In summary, I have found the service you provided to be flexible, highly responsive, always professionally managed and -above all - very caring.

Best regards,

From the son of a former customer
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