Children’s Care in Dover

As parents you know that every child is different. We work with you, and with other health professionals involved in your child’s care, to ensure that the care we provide meets the needs of your child, however complex and specialised those needs may be. We appreciate how important it is to you that your child is cared for in an environment with trust, reliability and empathy at its heart.

All our child sector care assistants complete specialist training that prepares them to care for children with such conditions as: ADHD, autism, learning disabilities, behaviours that challenge, hypermobility, gastro-oesophageal reflux disease, congenital myotonic dystrophy and global development delay.

complex care for children in dover

Home Care for Children: Providing a Supportive Environment

Our children’s home care services focus on creating a nurturing and supportive environment for your child. We ensure they have the help they need for daily activities, personal care, and participating in enjoyable and stimulating activities at home.

The emphasis of our care is always on what the child can do and their potential to grow and develop. Our compassionate care team members are trained to approach every situation with patience, sensitivity, and a deep understanding of the child’s unique situation.

Children’s Care Services: Skilled, Compassionate Care

Caremark Dover’s children’s care services are comprehensive and adaptable. Our care team is specially trained to handle a wide range of situations and conditions. We work closely with parents, carers, and other healthcare professionals to provide a coordinated and effective approach to care.

We understand that caring for a child with complex needs can be challenging, and we’re here to provide support to the whole family. Our aim is to ensure the child can live a full and enjoyable life while staying in the comfort of their own home.

Children's Complex Care Services
complex care for children in dover

Complex Care for Children: Bespoke Care Plans

At Caremark Dover, we understand that complex care for children involves more than just meeting basic needs. It’s about providing care that enhances quality of life and fosters growth and development.

Each child we care for has a personalised care plan that details their specific needs, routines, and preferences. These plans are flexible and can be adapted to changes in the child’s needs or circumstances. We’re committed to delivering care that respects the child’s dignity and promotes independence where possible.


What does your complex care for children service entail?

Our service is designed to support children with complex needs in their own homes. This includes assistance with personal care, daily activities, and coordination with other health services. We also provide emotional support and encourage participation in enjoyable activities.

How do you ensure the child’s needs are met?

We work closely with the child, their family, and other healthcare professionals to develop a detailed care plan. This plan is continuously reviewed and updated to ensure it meets the changing needs of the child.

What training do your care workers receive?

Our care workers undergo comprehensive training which covers the necessary skills to care for children with complex needs. This includes training in specific conditions, communication, emergency procedures, and the promotion of dignity and independence.

Why choose Caremark?

You’ll be in safe hands – our services care for over 14,000 customers.

personalised care

Personalised care

We provide care that is an individual as you are. You are unique, so your care plan must be too!

excellent standards

Excellent standards

Our quality of care is exemplary. You are extremely important to us, and we care for you like you were our own family.

cheery visits

Cheery visits

We employ our staff based on their personalities – caring, compassionate, cheery and fun!

allocated care assistant

Allocated Care Assistant

We spend time matching our Care Assistants with our customers and maintaining that pairing.

family contact

Family contact

We are open and transparent with family members and share details of each visit when requested.



Customer confidentiality is extremely important to us. We are fully compliant with GDPR and data protection.


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