We love our customers, and they seem to love us too!

I was looking for some help for my 96-year-old father. After trying several local care providers I was becoming rather anxious as they were unable to help me.
I was so lucky that I found Caremark. The field care supervisor and her team are amazing. From our first conversation, her home visit to Dad and the help that they have offered we are both delighted. All the staff are kind, sensitive and knowledgeable.
I would not hesitate in recommending Caremark and I am so relieved that I found them.

Mrs JB – Customer’s Daughter

Caremark are the best care company that we have had.  I would say they go the extra mile to help us out whenever they can and they always come in with a very big smile on their faces and they try to cheer me up and they understand where I am coming from

Mr FH – Customer

Caremark provide a caring and helpful service for my mum, enabling her to maintain her independence at home by helping with dinner preparation and personal care. I would recommend them to others as a very professional team.

Eleanor M – Daughter of Client

Caremark is absolutely brilliant, I can’t fault them at all. They are extremely punctual, caring, easy going and supportive. I have been having social calls with them which have included taking my Grandma out for a coffee, going to my local pub for lunch and running errands.

Miss LT – Customer

The carers have arrived on time and been very pleasant and engaging with Mum. This cover has enabled me to have a break, knowing Mum (ninety years old) is being assisted and looked after.

L H – Daughter of Client

It’s working really well.  Caremark are flexible and considerate and work well as a team together

Mrs SC – Customer

My dad, who is 87 with dementia and having lost his wife over a year ago, gets very lonely because I have to go to work and his other children do not live close and also work full-time.
The care taken over the ‘care plan’ was very thorough and I felt assured that the Caremark team who visited my dad would have a good understanding of his likes, dislikes and the care that was required to ensure he was safe and had the company he craved.

Clare C – Customer’s Daughter

All staff are nice and very good at their job. I would recommend Caremark to those who need any kind of support.

Mrs PS – Customer

I personally have had the most contact with the field care supervisor who carried out a very detailed assessment and was able to set up exactly the help we needed. Father-in-law is an anxious sort, so was particularly looking for a care company who could rotate a small number of carers for consistency. Caremark was able to do this and has provided an excellent service ever since. The family are very grateful for their caring and expertise, nothing phases them and they have a very sensible approach. Highly recommended.

Tania H – Customer’s Daughter-in-Law

Caremark have been very professional, very caring and kind. When cleaning they have ensured my son is safe as he is relearning to walk after major trauma. They have checked on him very kindly, although this is not their main purpose, and whether he is having a good or bad day, they are caring and professional. He looks forward to their visit as I work full-time and it breaks up his day.

Mrs VM – Mother of Customer

Caremark is doing an amazing job caring for my brother. They are kind, caring and committed. It’s always a pleasure to have them around. The girls are friendly but professional and have made the change in care providers for him a very smooth transition. We would definitely recommend Caremark!

KW – Sister of Client

They always have a smile and Dad always looks forward to seeing them
We cannot fault the professional standard of Caremark. Brilliant timekeeping, priority in making sure Dad stays safe, a caring and willing to help in anyway team.
Recommend 100%.

CW – Daughter of Client

Very pleased with the care received from all the staff at Caremark. All the help received for my husband was done with care and dignity, he loves joking around with them, even though it’s his own little world.

I would strongly recommend Caremark for anyone needing help.

Cheryl B – Wife of Client

Excellent supervisor support, who has coped brilliantly with my mother who has advanced dementia. Very patient, kind and supportive. It has also helped me enormously to have some much needed relief from supporting Mum.

Nigel O – Son of Client

I can not praise this service enough; they have been a breath of fresh air from the other care services that my dad has had.

This service has gone above and beyond to help and support my dad. It’s been a pleasure to find a company that always works in the best interest of my dad. This is a five-star company.

Dee M – Daughter of Client

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