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Caremark offer a variety of home care services, tailored to an older person’s specific needs. Our flexible care services are designed to enable older people to live as independently as possible in the comfort of their own homes. Care for older people is a perfect option for those who would prefer to stay at home, but need help to live independently.

We deliver care that takes into account our clients’ dignity at all times, whilst delivering friendly support. We ensure this by doing things 'with' the people we look after, rather than doing everything 'for' them. This approach helps older people maintain their sense of purpose and well-being.

Who would benefit?

Levels of care are tailored to the individual and it is suitable for anyone who requires a few hours of help per week to those who need 24/7 home care.  

The best option will depend on the level and specific care that your loved one requires. We can help with:

An alternative to Residential Care Homes

Home care is a convenient, direct alternative to residential care homes. Understandably, people often prefer this option. Individuals are able to stay in familiar surroundings with their home comforts around them. Flexibility, choice and control is important to everyone. We always support those wishes with our tailored care plans and it’s also important to note that most people are happier in their own homes.

Types of Care available for Older People

Elderly people may need short term or long-term support depending on the level of care required. This is something that Caremark can help establish along with the family and healthcare professionals.  

Our professional, fully trained Care Workers provide reliable and understanding support. This means you can relax knowing that your loved ones will receive the high quality care they need, want and deserve. This ensures a well-rounded opinion on how to proceed with Care.  

Respite care

is a temporary care arrangement. This could be pre-arranged, or covering an emergency situation where someone needs care urgently.

Ongoing home care

is an arrangement where care is provided on set days and times to suit those needing the support and can be as often as required.  

Live-In care

provides a carer to live with the individual and provide support with daily needs. We take into consideration our clients requests to allow for a perfect match.

Caremark can help

Caremark will answer any questions you may have regarding our care services and how it may benefit someone you know. All you need to do is give your local Caremark a call as a first step. A friendly team member will be able to assess the situation at hand and start with those first steps.

You will need to tell us about the situation or details of the normal regime so we can see how we can help adapt to this. We can give more detailed information about costs once we have established the personal requirements more thoroughly.

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