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You may qualify for funding

There are several ways in which the services that you receive from us may be paid for. We would be happy to discuss your circumstances so that we can advise you on the availability of Local Authority or NHS funding and the best method of paying for care. 

Our charges are based on an hourly rate that varies depending on the times at which our services are provided. It's possible that you may not need to pay anything yourself. Please contact your local Caremark office for full details, and answers to any questions you may have.
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State-supported payments

If the Local Authority, NHS or HSC Trust is supporting your care at home funding, you should not need to get involved with the bills because we will deal directly with the relevant body on your behalf. 

They may offer a choice of funding method and should provide you with full details so that you can decide which you prefer. 

Local authority funding

If funding is available in your local authority area, the main methods of funding are:

- Personal budget

- Direct payments

Local HSC Trust funding

If funding is available in your local HSC Trust area, the main methods of funding are:

- Directly through HSC Trust

- Direct payments

Private Personal Funding

If you are not eligible to receive financial assistance from your local authority or local HSC trust, you may pay privately. We will quote you a clear payment structure, with no hidden extras, and we will send your bills at an agreed interval. You may pay by cheque, debit card or bank transfer.

Several payment methods are available

 Depending on your local office you will be able to pay for your care in a number of ways. This includes cheque, debit card or bank transfer. Please check with your local office to see which methods are accepted.

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Understanding funding methods

You may be able to get funding for your support at home from your local authority or local HSC Trust. They would need to carry out some assessments to determine what type of care and support would be most appropriate. This will also include whether you are eligible for funding.

Different local authorities have differing criteria for their assessments. The best way to find out more about your entitlement is by contacting them or visiting their website. Although, some local authorities and NHS regions may not provide funding for care at home.

Your social worker can explain everything to you

If you are eligible for support from your local authority or local HSC Trust, a social worker will guide you through the ways in which they can help. They will explain the methods of funding and paying for care options that are available to you. Some information about local authority or HSC Trust funding methods is are given here. We work closely with local authorities. We can also help to explain the various funding methods to you when we give you details of our charges. If you will be paying privately, we will explain the different payment methods you can use if required.
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We can liaise with your family, if you prefer...

Sometimes, a person's care is paid for by family members, or with funds from other sources. We are used to making arrangements with advocates and family members, so please let us know if you would prefer someone else to deal with us on your behalf.

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