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The Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training on Learning Disability and Autism being delivered in our training center. Oliver MCGowan is named after Oliver McGowan, whose death shone a light on the need for health and social care staff to have better training

Oliver McGowan training likely refers to education and training programs aimed at increasing awareness and understanding of autism and learning disabilities, particularly in healthcare settings. Oliver McGowan was a young man with autism who tragically died after a severe reaction to medication in a hospital setting. His case brought attention to the need for better training and understanding among healthcare professionals when it comes to treating individuals with autism and learning disabilities.

Training in Oliver McGowan’s name covers topics such as:

  1. Understanding autism spectrum disorders and learning disabilities.
  2. Effective communication strategies for healthcare professionals.
  3. Recognizing and accommodating sensory sensitivities.
  4. Safeguarding and advocating for patients with autism and learning disabilities.
  5. Ethical considerations in healthcare decision-making for individuals with disabilities.
  6. Developing person-centered care plans.
  7. De-escalation techniques for challenging situations.
  8. Medication management and potential risks for individuals with autism and learning disabilities.

Such training programs are crucial for ensuring that our carers have the knowledge and skills to provide high-quality, sensitive care to all clients, including those with autism and learning disabilities. We are currently running numerous training sessions internally to ensure our carers are fully trained in all aspects of care so that they can deliver the standard of care that our customers deserve.


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