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Caremark Three Rivers & Chiltern testimonials

At Caremark Three Rivers & Chiltern, we take pride in achieving complete customer satisfaction by providing services that are not only cost effective, but very person centred and of high quality.

We treat our customers with sensitivity, creativity, respect and enhance their rights and dignity by supporting and enabling them to live the life they want.
Care, comfort and cordiality,
Is the hallmark of Caremark,
Service with a smile and sincerity,
Is the synonym of Caremark,
Dedication, diligence and dignity,
Is the testimonial of Caremark,
Peace of mind and bliss of heart,
Is the commitment of Caremark,
Meeting as a client, treating as a guest and being a friend,
Is the integrity of Caremark
Mr PV (client (and also a poet))01/07/2019
I'm extremely happy with the service, some carers are exceptional.Mrs KO20/06/2019
Caremark is great! A big improvement on our previous care agency!

The carers are lovely and talk to mum on their visits. They are punctual and do a good job.

The carers are always cheerful and happy to assist!
ED (daughter)20/06/2019
The three helpers/carers that work for us are dedicated, they engage with the service users and are very reliable.Mrs SW18/06/2019
I am very happy!Mrs DW18/06/2019
Caremark fulfils needs that I wasn't aware of I required.Mr PG18/06/2019
Excellent ServiceMr JG01/06/2019
I am very happy with Caremark. All the staff and carers are brilliant.Mrs JM (client)21/05/2019
The care workers are very kind and caring and also most cheerful. When I have any kind of worry about anything, the office staff are very kind and helpful in many ways.Mrs BLB (client)15/05/2019
My brother and I are really pleased with the level of care that Caremark has provided for our Dad. We had been caring for him ourselves for over a year. The relief to have someone else step in and take over has been second to none. All of the carers are kind, compassionate, professional and caring. In Dad's own words "you are all lovely" and you brighten up his day.Mrs LH (Daughter of a client)24/03/2019
Best thing we did was move to Caremark with nan. I would recommend your services to everyone who needs care as you treat nan with such dignity and don't think she's old like other companies. You treat her as if she was part of your family.Ms RB (Granddaughter of a client)22/03/2019
My care from the start has been very good, the office and care workers are very good and helpful.Mr MW04/03/2019
I have received a good, reliable service from Caremark for dad and now have the same care in place for mum as we are happy with all the carers. They are kind, compassionate, caring and understanding. The office are very good at answering calls and dealing with any queries or concerns.Mr RG (son of clients)04/03/2019
Thanks for all Caremark's help and care over the last 18 months. Once we'd worked out the best rotas and carers getting used to the house etc, I was really pleased with the level of care.
My dad and I also found the carers to be genuine and personable, which did make a big difference.
Mr RM18/02/2019
I have received reliable, consistent, punctual and highly professional care from this agency.
Carers are friendly, sympathetic, well trained and I feel safe in their hands.
Mrs CF03/08/2018
I am very satisfied with all help given in my homeMrs BW02/08/2018
We are so pleased with Caremark. The carers are so polite and caring and have my husbands' best interests at heart.
The Field Care Supervisor is always responsive when we need help or have any questions.
Mrs SS (wife of Client)16/03/2018
Care provided by Caremark is a welcome relief after two years nightmarish expierence of care for my mother (who has an age-related Dementia) with another care agency. On the initial visit the Field Care Supervisor noted in detail the needs of my mother. The next day the Care Co-ordinator introduced herself and one of the carers who will work with mother.

The main carer is brilliant. She is very professional, soft spoken and punctual. She has been dealing with mother compassionately and with lots of patience. I have nothing but praise for the Company and their carers. They have relieved me of great stress and anxiety of not knowing who was coming and at what time.
Mrs SD (Daughter of client)15/02/2018
Very good care. Can be contacted any time.Mrs PE07/02/2018
Am extremely happy with the kind, helpful and caring people who have come in to help us. These people have made our lives so much easier and enjoyable in every way.Mr MB15/07/2017
Really good service! Carers are really enthusiastic and caring. We will really miss them when we moveMr PL27/06/2017
My mums carer not only makes mum happy, she makes her very happy.If you are feeling not happy she is a ray of sunshine.
She is very thorough in everything she does. We give her 14 out of 10 perfect, caring,very lovely lady indeed.
Mr MS19/05/2017
Feel confident in your serviceMr PE15/05/2017
The care is excellent. All carers are very very good, tidy, leave everywhere as they find it.
Mrs B loves them, they treat her like a mom.
Mrs JP12/05/2017
Very happy with the service. Very happy and helpful staff. Thank you.Mrs IP08/05/2017
My carers are always polite and treat me with dignity, the are helpful and do everything I need them to do.
I have never had a problem with any of them and would recommend them to anyone that needs care.
Ms DW07/05/2017
I feel secure and well looked afterMr HC05/05/2017
I am very pleased with the help I have had with all the carers. I have been well looked after and no worries.
All the carers are friendly and I am well looked after.
Mrs BT04/05/2017
I am pleased with the care because it gives me someone to talk to. I am satisfied with the care I am getting.Mr EK04/05/2017
I am really happy with the care agency (Caremark) all the staff are fantastic- nothing is too much trouble for any of them. They all go the extra mile. This care agency is the best agency I have ever had. They help me with my personal care, shopping and domestic tasks and without them I would be totally lost. I have recenently broken my foot and my carers help me with my medical boot and I rely on them totally. I have recently had a new bathroom/wet room installed and the carers were amazing. They tidied up and helped me through this very stressful periodMs FP17/03/2017
Credit where credit's due. I am very pleased with my carers. My previous care provider used to turn up for my 13:00 lunch visit at 15:00. Caremark staff are here within 15 minutes of their due time. All the carers are very nice. Thank you.Ms FP18/08/2016
The standard of care is very good. The carers do exactly what I ask them to do. They are punctual and appear very smartly dressed.Mrs EB09/08/2016
I am very, very happy. The carers are doing everything well and they do their best all the time.Ms IH09/08/2016
A text message received from the daughter of a client:
"For your staff recognition awards.
Cristina is amazing, my mother really appreciates her, she is always cheerful and happy doing her job."
Ms HP01/01/1970
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