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13 Feb 2018

Thanet Over Fifties Forum

Today, Tuesday 13 February 2018 we happily accepted an invitation to attend the Thanet Over Fifties Forum.

A number of other community groups were present. We were there to offer advice about our services and to explain about job opportunities with us.

We have care and support workers who range in age from 18 upwards. However, we recognise the particular skills and qualities that people of more mature years possess. We were, therefore, very happy to have an opportunity to talk to people who might be looking to get back into work.

There were some 100 people who attended the event. The main purpose of the morning was for invited speakers from Thanet CCG and Healthwatch Kent to explain some of the proposals for reforming health service provision in Thanet.

If you would like information about our services or our job opportunities please call: 01843 235910 or email

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