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16 Dec 2018

Caremark Thanet's Christmas Carol Concert

At Caremark Thanet we are a community engaged organisation. We believe passionately that we can do more than provide outstanding home care. We do more by being a community engaged organisation.

Why Community Engagement

We live in an interconnected world. Everyone who works for Caremark Thanet, and everyone who is cared for by Caremark Thanet, is part of the Thanet and wider East Kent communities. There is extensive evidence that shows that connected communities are healthier communities. We believe that our community engagement programme contributes in a small but positive way to the store of community well-being.

Our Carol Concert

On Tuesday 11 December 2018, we held a carol concert for our customers and other members of the community. We held the event at the Salvation Army Headquarters in Ramsgate and were overwhelmed with the number of people who attended. We should like to say thank you to the Salvation Army for their hospitality, and to the Salvation Army band for the music.

A very special thanks goes to the children of the choir from Bromstone Primary School whose performance was nothing short of outstanding.  The whole room was buzzing at long after the performance had ended.

We should also like to say than you to all our carers who turned out to lend a hand. Events like this don't just happen. They require a great deal of hard work.

And finally, we have to say an enormous thank you to our special guests, both of whom took time out of their busy schedules to be with us. Santa Claus looked resplendent in his new outfit that he got himself fitted out for especially for the occasion. Thank you Pete and Pauline Simpson from the Margate Handbook for putting us in touch with Santa. 

And thank you to the Mayor of Ramsgate, Trevor Shonk. Trevor works tirelessly for Ramsgate and the people of Ramsgate and the connection he has with local people was evident on Tuesday.

Our event was such a success that we will repeat it next year.

Garry Costain is the Managing Director of Caremark Thanet, a domiciliary care provider with offices in Margate, Kent. Caremark Thanet provides home care services throughout the Isle of Thanet. Garry can be contacted on 01843 235910 or email You can also visit Caremark Thanet's website
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