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25 Mar 2020

A Message to Caremark Thanet's Staff (Number 2)

I write to thank you for the magnificent work you have done over the last week or so. Many of you have conducted yourselves with a selfless dedication to your customers and community that makes me proud to be associated with you.

Last night the UK Government announced restrictions on our liberty that would have been unthinkable just a few weeks ago. Perhaps only that diminishing group of people who lived through the second world war have experienced anything similar. I have always felt privileged to live in the UK with its strong tradition of liberal democracy, so last night’s announcement was acutely uncomfortable listening for me. 

However, the restrictions are necessary. Necessary to defeat this scourge that has invaded and disrupted our cherished way of life. Therefore, I urge each of you, when you are not working, to comply with the Government’s conditions to the letter. We may not like these restrictions, but this is not a time for reckless defiance of what we dislike; it is a time for resolute acceptance of what we need to do. What we need to do to save lives.

As key workers, we cannot work from home. We have to be sensible and follow the best advice the Government and other bodies can give us. However, our work will go on. Our community depends upon us.

You should be proud of what you are contributing to your community at this time of great challenge. You are outstanding ambassadors for health and social care in general and Caremark Thanet in particular. Hold your heads high, walk tall and know that your community thanks you.

 We may have had some bad news and we have to be prepared for more bad news. However, we can be heartened by the good things that are happening. Over the last weekend, there were reports that China had gone two days without any further domestic coronavirus cases; South Korea has seen significant falls in the number of new cases; progress is being made in several countries on a vaccine, and even in Italy, there are signs that the tide is turning with a reported fall in the number of new cases.

So, we may have some distance to travel together yet. But together we are strong. Together we can achieve extra-ordinary things – we are achieving extra-ordinary things – and we will achieve more. Together we can be confident to live with this uncertainty; determined to do our best whatever may come our way, and – most importantly – face the future together to make Thanet a better place. Remember:


Garry Costain


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