Nurse led, our team are experienced in supporting people who live with epilepsy. Seizure management is a key area of our support. We work closely with professionals (Epilepsy Nurses) to ensure we provide care that is specific, managing and supporting seizure medication regimes.

Often individuals will also have learning, behavioral and emotional problems. Our support staff are experienced in working with individuals and their families, providing a safe and encouraging culture, enabling where possible for you to have as much understanding and control of your condition as possible. We can support with Assistive Technology to monitor seizure activity and provide overnight support to give loved one’s respite.

We will help you build confidence, together managing your seizures and enabling you to live as independently as possible with minimal intervention.

To find our more about how we can support people with their Epilepsy needs, see Sienna’s story….

Sienna’s Story:

Sienna is an energetic adventurous young girl. She loves the outside, playing, exploring and having active fun with family and friends.

Following her diagnosis of Epilepsy at the age of 4 Sienna’s family appreciated they needed support with Sienna in order for her to lead an ordinary life enjoying the things she loves.

Sienna’s Epilepsy is identified as ‘Refractory Myoclonic Absence Epilepsy’ which presents with Seizures that range from vacant episodes, tonic clonics, and drop seizures. She also has myoclonic seizures during the night. Sienna’s Epilepsy is managed through several anti-epileptic and rescue medications.

Caremark selected a team of knowledgeable support workers experienced in supporting individuals with Epilepsy and rescue medication. Sienna requires support through the night to ensure her safety so her family can sleep in the knowledge she is safe. In addition, she requires support through the day to attend school on a consistent basis.

Sienna’s support team monitor at home through the night and support her with her bedtime and morning routine. Her support workers attend school with her to ensure she is safe throughout the day and is supported with her education.

Sienna is an energetic, adventurous, young girl. She loves the outside, playing, exploring and having active fun with her family, friends and Support Workers.

Talking about her support at school Sienna says ‘During school I enjoy support from my support workers encouraging me to speak to my peers and staff members as I can be shy or anxious. I need prompting to stay on task at times as my seizures affect my short-term memory and I become easily distracted. I like visual prompts and reminders, with clear simple instructions. Breaking down my learning into smaller chunks of work, supports me from becoming fatigued’.

Consistency from Caremark’s team is essential for Sienna. She is extremely adventurous and wants to try new things, so being knowledgeable about her condition and capabilities ensures she stays safe. This enables Sienna to achieve her aspirations and enjoy a fun packed life as any other young girl loves to do.

Sienna has excelled with the support from Caremark. Her school attendance is consistent, and her education, confidence and independence are blossoming.


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