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03 Jul 2012

Caremark (Redcar and Cleveland) expands into younger people care

Caremark (Redcar & Cleveland) is now providing domiciliary care to children and young people in east Cleveland, Teesside and North Yorkshire.

A company that provides domiciliary home care services to adults across Teesside and North Yorkshire is expanding to now also offer care for children and young people.

Since it was established in 2008, Caremark (Redcar and Cleveland) has offered home care to anyone aged 18 or over. This has proved very successful, with the Guisborough-based company currently providing 1,200 hours of care each week to its public and private sector clients.

But as part of its growth plan, Caremark (Redcar and Cleveland) is now also able to offer provide, for the first time, help and support for children and young people in need of care, particularly those with learning or physical disabilities.

Caremark (Redcar and Cleveland) Managing Director Charles Folkes said: "We are delighted to begin offering home care services for children and young people and it s further sign of how we are growing as a company.

"Caring for a child with a physical or learning disability, which may include challenging behaviour, is a full-time job and this can put tremendous strain on their parents and families.

"Working with families we will be able to devise bespoke care packages to meet the individual needs of each child and young person, and at the same time provide some respite to the mothers, fathers or relatives who do such a wonderful job caring for them.

"Caremark has had particular success in recent years in providing care for adults with specialist needs, such as those with autism, mental health needs, dementia and physical disabilities, so we are looking forward to being able to delivering the same high quality services to younger people in Teesside and North Yorkshire."

Parents, families or carers in need to domiciliary home care for a child or young person can contact Caremark (Redcar and Cleveland) on 01287 634706
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