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06 Mar 2019

Caremark People - Aaron

Aaron Taylor swapped the sunny climes of the Balearic Islands for East Cleveland when he decided on a complete career change, and he hasn't looked back since.

Aaron was working for an outdoor activity company in Menorca where he was responsible for supervising tourists people undertaking activities such as climbing, abseiling and assault courses.

Part of his role included devising solutions which enabled people with special needs to take part in all the activities, including children in wheelchairs and blind people.

He enjoyed this care and support side of the role, so when he decided to return to the UK he took the advice of his sister, who worked for Caremark Redcar and Cleveland, and became one of our care and support workers.

He is very popular with his clients.

Aaron says: “I mainly provide care and support for young children with specific needs, and I find this very rewarding and enjoyable.“I am pleased I chose to come into care. 

"It’s very different from what I was doing before, but it was through parts of that role that helped me decide to come into care, and I haven’t looked back since."
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