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29 Oct 2015

Care training

Caremark (Redcar and Cleveland) was one of the first care providers in the UK to adopt new national training standards.

Earlier this year the Government launched the Care Certificate which identifies a set of 15 national standards that health and social care workers must adhere to in their daily working life.

Caremark (Redcar and Cleveland) was among the first to adopt these standards, which have now been incorporated into our own in-house training programme, which is as follows:

Day 1 - Care Certificate training covering the 15 standards.
Day 2 - Functional skills assessments and looking at various conditions such as Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis and Dementia.
Day 3 - Emergency aid.
Day 4 - Medication.
Day 5 - Moving and handling.

After they have completed this, staff then go on to do their mandatory online modules, which cover moving and handling, managing medication in domiciliary care, safeguarding vulnerable adults, infection control and food hygiene, fire hygiene, fire safety in domiciliary care and first aid awareness.

At Caremark (Redcar and Cleveland) we take great pride in the continuous training staff undertake to ensure they always provide the highest possible quality of care.
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