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Getting Started

Getting started is very easy, follow our 6-step guide that takes you from referral right through to receiving care and support.

Step 1 - Referral
We can receive enquiries and referrals through a number of different avenues. You can call us directly via phone, send us an email or fill the online form on our website. We also receive referrals via the Local Authority and CCG Social Work Teams.  We have a dedicated Referral Form that we complete with the person making the referral.  This gives us the opportunity to find out about the individuals needs and the type of service they require.  Once we are both happy we can get an Assessment booked.

Step 2 - Assessment
We carry out a free no obligation Assessment to work out the type of service you require, your needs and preferences.  During this time you have the opportunity to ask us any further questions and discuss how you want your service to run.  We will carry out a complete Risk Assessment of your home, to ensure the home environment is safe both for you and our staff.  If we have any concerns, these will discussed and help will be organised to minimise the risk (e.g. Fire Safety; smoke alarms – referral for Fire Brigade visit.)

Step 3 - Care Plan
Once we have completed the Assessment, it is time to create your personalised Care Plan. We use the information gained during the Assessment to write up the plan ensuring the service meet your needs and preferences. We develop an Office File which contains all relevant information relating to you and your service. We also provide you with a Home File, this is kept in your home and contains all the information the Care and Support Worker requires to deliver your service. 

Step 4 - Introductory visit
Once your Care Plan has been created we will arrange an Introductory Visit. This is where we will introduce you to your carefully selected Care and Support worker who will be delivering your service. We will discuss your Care Plan with the Care and Support Worker ensuring they completely understand all your needs and requirements. A senior member of staff will accompany the Care and Support worker whilst they are delivering the service ensuring they understand what is required. Introductory Visits happen for each Care and Support worker that will be working with you.

Step 5 - Providing the service
Your service will then continue as per your agreed Care Plan. We permanently assign you to a small team of Care and Support Workers, allowing you to build relationships with our friendly team!

Step 6 - Ongoing Support
You will receiving ongoing support from both the office team and the Care and Support Workers delivering the service. Reviews and quality assurance checks are carried out several times a year. You will always be involved in the reviews allowing you to make any changes to your service if and when necessary. You also have the option to request a review at any time.

We would love to discuss your individual home care requirements, be it by meeting, by email or over the telephone at a time that is convenient to you. If you would like to discuss this with one of the team, please get in touch on 0151 345 0520. Alternatively you can send us an email to

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