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27 Jun 2019

Fire safety

Caremark Leeds is working in partnership with West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service to ensure our clients live safely in their own homes.

On an initial first assessment before we start providing care for a client, we will carry out a visual check of the person’s home to see if they have smoke alarms installed.

If they don’t, we will ask their permission to refer them to West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service, so smoke alarms can be fitted free of charge.

Caremark Leeds Care Manager Shajeda Khatun explains: “Following the Grenfell Tower tragedy, everyone is now much more aware of the importance of fire safety.

“Whilst it is the responsibility and choice of the homeowner whether they have smoke alarms, we believe it is important to bring their attention to the importance of having them installed and pointing out that this can be done free of charge.

“So, as part of our routine assessments when we begin providing care for a client, our staff are now making a visual inspection looking for smoke alarms.

“If there are none in the home, we will speak to our client and ask if they would like to have them and if they say yes, we make the referral to West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service.

“Smoke alarms can, and do, save lives and hopefully by having smoke alarms in their homes, it will enable our clients to feel even safer and help them remain in their homes longer.”
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