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08 Feb 2016

The day has finally arrived!

Caremark will be taking part in the 'Digni-Tea' Day. This event will be hosted on Monday 8th February within our offices.

Carers, are you wanting to further your Professional Development? Why not sign up to become a Dignity Champion during our event? It is FREE, simple and an easy process, all you have to do as a Dignity Champion is: *Stand up and challenge disrespectful behaviour

*Act as good role models by treating other people with respect, particularly those who are less able to stand up for themselves
*Speak up about dignity to improve the way that services are organised and delivered
*Influence and inform colleagues
*Listen to and understand the views and experiences of citizens.

All care staff will be presented with a certificate after signing up, if you wish you could purchase a badge from the Dignity Champions website at the cost of £1!

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