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15 Aug 2018

Shingles vaccination, who's eligible?

People under 70 years of age are at lower risk of shingles but will become eligible for the vaccine when they turn 70. People aged 80 years and over are not eligible for the vaccine because the vaccine becomes less effective as people get older.

The vaccine will be given in the upper arm. You will only have the vaccination once - unlike the flu jab, you do not need to be re-vaccinated every year.

People who shouldn't have the vaccination;
*People who have weakened immune systems, for example due to cancer treatment
*If you've had a severe reaction to any of the substances that go into the vaccine (The shingles vaccine in use in the UK contains porcine gelatine).

If you fit within the criteria and believe you are eligible for the vaccine, contact your GP practice to make an appointment.
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