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20 May 2016

Managing Director Graham Precious completes The Lapierre Tour of the Black Country

Well done to our Managing Director Graham Precious, Mark McKenning from Caremark Barnsley and Ravi Patel from Caremark Croydon for completing The Lapierre Tour of the Black Country on Sunday 8th May.

The Lapierre Tour of the Black Country is a 100km sportive which takes in 20 km of cobbled roads, stony farm tracks and bridleways in the West Midlands and Worcestershire, with a Roubaix-style velodrome finish.

The Lapierre Tour of the Black Country includes 19 unpaved sectors varying in length from 600m to 1800m, all of which are passable on a standard road bike. Each sector is rated according to difficulty; one star being the most straightforward, five stars being the most difficult. The roads are virtually traffic-free, despite being located close to Birmingham, and the majority of the unpaved sectors are closed to all traffic.

A huge WELL DONE to all!

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