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23 Jul 2012

Government needs to act decisively to help the elderly, says Caremark East Riding MD

Caremark (East Riding) Managing Director Graham Precious has responded to Government plans to reform care and support in the UK.

Mr Precious says whilst the White Paper is a step in the right direction, the Government needs to "get its act together" and spell out clearly how it intends to invest more money in care.

He said: "They need to make decisions quickly because for far too long the elderly, many of whom fought in wars for us, have been an easy target for budget cuts and savings.

"They need to be protected and hopefully the Government will demonstrate, via prompt action, that it really means to reform the care and support sector, and invest the money the sector needs to help those who deserve it the most.

A summary of the key elements of the Care and Support White Paper are as follows;

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