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02 Mar 2016



• If your tyres are making virtually no noise this could be a sign you're driving on ice.
• If your vehicle skids, depress the clutch and turn the steering wheel into the direction of the skid. When the vehicle straightens steer along the road. Don't brake - it will just lock up your wheels and you'll skid further.
• Stopping distances are ten times longer in ice and snow.
• Gentle manoeuvres are the key to safe driving.
• Reduce your risk of skidding by reducing your speed, too much power is often the source of problems in snow and ice.
• Wear comfortable, dry shoes: cumbersome, snow-covered boots will slip on the pedals.
• Select second gear when pulling away, easing your foot off the clutch gently to avoid wheel-spin.
• Try to maintain a constant speed, choosing the most suitable gear in advance to avoid having to change down while climbing a hill.
• When driving downhill, choose third or fourth gear to prevent skidding.
• Always apply brakes gently.
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