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Caremark East Riding Department of Health

01 Jul 2014

Department of Health visits Caremark (East Riding)

Karen Dooley from the Department of Health recently visited the Caremark (East Riding) office

The Caremark (East Riding) team recently welcomed Karen Dooley from the Department of Health into our office for a day of shadowing one of our Care and Support Workers. The opportunity was originally discovered by Caremark Ltd, who referred Ms. Dooley to Caremark (East Riding) as an example of a highly successful franchisee.

As reported on the Caremark Franchises website, Ms. Dooley found the day extremely informative and created a list of six focus points from her time with our carer Susie.

Ms. Dooley also commented that the 'fab team' at Caremark (East Riding) had taught her lots in a very short time, providing her with plenty of 'food for thought' to take back to the Department of Health to inform policy making. We're glad Ms. Dooley enjoyed her time with us at Caremark (East Rising) and look forward to hearing how her findings affect policy making in the future.
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