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06 Oct 2015

Caremark (East Riding)'s September Care Worker of the Month Announced!

Congratulations to Jason Overfield!
Jason was voted by many for Care Worker of the Month for all his hard work and effort he delivers every single day. However there is one story in particular that was over-whelming, Caremark (East Riding) received an email from one of our clients daughters, showing her complete appreciation to Jason, and this is why!

Dear Sirs,

I feel that more often than not people are more likely to complain than to give praise, however this is an exception to the rule.

I feel I have to let you know about the work of one your carers, Mr Jason Overfield. Jason is one of my Dad's main Care Workers and I can honestly say that I can sleep easy knowing Jason is looking after him. My Dad is not the easiest of people to get along with, however Jason has built a really good rapport with him and the care he provides is absolutely amazing.

He is totally on the ball with my Dad's medication (which is a extremely complex!) and keeps on top of catheter bag changes etc which gives me one less thing to have to think about. He goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure my Dad has the care he deserves, even going to pick new medication out of his hours.

In May, my Dad's wife left him and he had not left the house since, as he is very disabled and is unable to get himself out and about. When Jason visited, he sat with us to try and work out what we could do to make Dad's days a bit better, as all he was doing was sitting in a chair with no TV. After having a chat with Jason and discussing possibly going out with him somewhere, Dad decided he might like to go out for a little bit on Saturday. Myself and my brother took my Dad out to the pond about half a mile from Dad's house, we fed the ducks and had a coffee and it gave my Dad something to talk about too. We got a photo of Dad smiling for the first time since May and it is down to Jason that we were able to experience this with him.

Jason really is a credit to your company and I have nothing but praise to give him, you should be proud as a company to have Jason representing Caremark (East Riding) out in the field. I just wanted to pass on my gratitude and praise as I don't think this is done often enough.
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