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14 Aug 2015

Caremark (East Riding)'s July Care Worker of the Month Announced!

Many congratulations go to Daniel Croker, our 'Care Worker of the Month' for July 2015

Congratulations to Daniel Croker, who has been named as our 'Care Worker of the Month' for his tremendous work. Daniel has been working closely with our client Mr JT who had problems with his hearing.

Over a period of 2 years Daniel had taken his client to all his appointments and fought hard to get Mr JT the correct hearing aids. The hard work paid off as Mr JT was granted with them. Daniel spent 2 weeks of his spare time teaching Mr JT how to use his telephone, this resulted into Mr JT been able to speak to his daughter and friend again for the first time in 2 years, Mr JT was ecstatic and said how happy he is and how dedicated Daniel was. What wonderful news, very well done Daniel!
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