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05 Mar 2013

Caremark (East Riding) host Dignity event

Caremark (East Riding) opened its doors to the public to mark National Dignity Action Day

Dignity Action Day gives everyone the opportunity to contribute to upholding people's rights to dignity.

It also aims to ensure people who use care services are treated as individuals and are given choice, control and a sense of purpose in their daily lives.

On the day we were delighted to sign up 10 people as Dignity Champions and we are now looking forward to making this a yearly event.

As part of the day we asked all attendees to state what Dignity means to them and they responded as follows:

"Dignity to me is about respecting others personal choices and not be too judgemental."

"Treating others as I want to be treated."

"Never take a person's dignity, it's worth everything to them and nothing to you."

"Standing by your own morals, beliefs and choices and respecting those of others."

"Treating everyone with respect and seeing them as an individual."

"Treat everybody as an individual with empowerment and respect."

"For everyone to be treated as an individual and for their wishes to be respected."

"Promote personal choice and independent and empower people."

"Being nice to people, treating them with respect at all times and listening to their needs."
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