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Coronavirus Care Crisis Relief

URGENT CARE Campaign – get these people cared for. Don’t allow people to suffer because a carer couldn’t get to them. We need urgent help now

There are officially 30 people currently in Colchester who are at home and need care but there is no one to care for them. Unofficially there will be a lot more.

We need to reach them in the next few days or needless suffering will continue. If we fail these vulnerable people, they will be part of the coronavirus toll but won’t be on the official coronavirus list.  No one will visit them. No one will care for them. And the hospitals can’t and won’t admit them. 
The care system is under massive strain. I run a local care company and I can see a way to help them. I’m determined that this can’t happen. That people can’t just be left. I have a way to help them and I need help from any local business owners or people or ANYONE who is willing to help donate a service, skills or items. 

I know we can help if we can work. I’ve seen my teams pull together in an extraordinary way in the last weeks but we’re not enough. We need help.

To enable care to people who need it most we need to train up new people quickly to offer safe, protected care to those in need.

We need a system of support set up for the carers themselves and the people they care for.


1.     Manpower

2.     Funding – everyone who donates to this fund will be helping a vulnerable person in the Colchester area. We need funding to help reach the people who need care at home now. Click here to donate to the fund

3.     Provisions

If you can provide any of these things below or can put us in touch with people who would like to help, please get in touch now via our crisis relief email now: 

People we need:

·       people who want to help and train as carers. We can offer training. Paid work for people who are willing to help reach people in their homes in a safe, protected environment.

·       People we train will be given full PPE protection and support.

·       People who drive to ferry carers, PPE and Crisis Care packs

·       Care package coordinator – generate care packages for vulnerable, carers and their support teams

·       Payroll volunteer (sage pay)

·       Office staff: someone to answer the phone

·       Training company: care training company to work with us to train up carers

·       Care coordinators… Anyone who has coordinated before on access people planner.. you have a very useful skill right now. We need you…

·       Field care supervisors… If you have done it before or are nvq level 2 in health and social cared. We need you.


·       We need transport for people who want to help care. Cars. We are looking for a local dealership or car hire company to donate use of cars.

·       Fuel will a local garage give carers a fuel discount to enable them to reach people in need?

·       Looking for local businesses to sponsor the fuel to enable carers to travel

·       Looking for the council to give carers free public transport to allow their travel

·       Police to allow carers to travel without question

Facilities and equipment needed:

·       Large space or space with internet to allow organisation and training

·       Office equipment computer/laptops desks chairs stationary 

·       Community space for Care Crisis stations to be set up. In in Tiptree/ Bergholt/Stanway/ Highwoods. Do you know somewhere that this could happen?

Items needed:

·       First aid kits

·       Hand gel

·       Masks

·       Food donations

·       PPE donations

·       Home delivery services - meals for vulnerable

·       Anything edible or to help improve quality of life

·       Cleaning materials

·       Nappy/disposal bags

·       Hairdressers

·       Clean uniforms (local dry cleaner or home help)


·       Tshirts/polos identify the Colchester Crisis Relief team

More details
Lee Bernard set up Caremark Colchester, a home-care company which is part of a national franchise, after he saw the incredible care his father received when he needed it most. The care company is fairly new and has a number of highly trained staff, but Lee and his team are overwhelmed and need help to reach the people who need it now. Any donations and any help will be directed through Caremark Colchester to the vulnerable and people who need it.

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