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Aramide Odele

Managing Director

Aramide got her first experience in care because of her Father and this changed the trajectory of her life. She saw how caring for her Father in the comfort of their home not only honoured him as a person, but also his health, promoted his well-being and quality of life. She believes one of the factors in honouring and maintaining one’s health is by creating an environment where you can easily make health-promoting choices, healthy habits and good choices all of which you can do in the comfort of your home. The team at Honor Health is determined to give expression to each customer’s expectation.

Email: Aramide.Odele@Caremark.co.uk
Mobile: +44 7368 646 888

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Ben Secker

Care Manager

Ben’s passion for care work began after studying Psychology at the University of Derby. Ben started as a Family Support Worker for a charity, where he enjoyed offering compassion, respect, and support to customers. This experience led Ben to pursue a career in Care Management, where he obtained a Level 5 Diploma in Leadership and Management in Adult Care. Ben now serves as the Care Manager for Caremark Chesterfield & Bolsover, where he is responsible for ensuring the smooth running of the operational side of the business and growing the company.

Guided by his core values of fairness, respect, integrity, honesty, and kindness, Ben loves offering help to people and seeing the impact of his assistance on their lives. He is particularly passionate about promoting independence and self-reliance through the use of assistive technology and software. Ben hopes to build a company with Aramide that provides excellent care and honors the staff that deliver this.

In his free time, Ben has a keen interest in video games and artificial intelligence. He enjoys spending time with his wife and their Jack Russell Terrier, Sally.

Email: Ben.Secker@Caremark.co.uk
Mobile: +44 7305 200 430


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