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07 Apr 2020

Over 75s Lunch at Dunstable

Caremark central Bedfordshire had a pleasant and fantastic afternoon. We were honoured and pleased to be a part of this over 75s Lunch.

Afternoon filled with smiles and laughter!!

We organised an activity where everyone had to draw some pictures based on a word.Everyone got involved and let their creative side shine through as they got busy in creating a poster based one Recommended Word.

It was so heart warming to see everyone drawing pictures and getting really involved.It was an afternoon filled with giggles and laughter and needless to say lots of happy memories.

They thoroughly enjoyed the activity followed by the sweet treat of cupcakes and a goody bag prepared by Caremark Central Bedfordshire to remind them of this happy and memorable moments.It is just one of the few ways Caremark Central Bedfordshire would like to give back to the community. As it’s our moto to be known for  "Working at the heart of Community”.

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