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Caremark Brentwood & Basildon testimonials

At Caremark Brentwood & Basildon, we take pride in achieving complete customer satisfaction by providing services that are not only cost effective, but very person centred and of high quality.

We treat our customers with sensitivity, creativity, respect and enhance their rights and dignity by supporting and enabling them to live the life they want.
Good, they look after me very well.Client, Mrs M.P.06/05/2020
I am amazed at how they put up with me!Client, Mr P.L.10/03/2020
Very good overall in all departments. Staff extremely good in all respects.Client's Husband, Mr P.P.28/08/2019
I must take this opportunity to thank you and all your girls for the great care you took of my husband, especially the 3 K's. They are diamonds! I miss you all, as i'm sure my husband does. Many thanks again.Client's Wife, Mrs G.C.27/06/2019
I am pleasantly surprised with the care we are given, everyone is so cheerful and friendly.Client, Mrs M.L.25/06/2019
We are very happy with the service Caremark provide. We feel safe, the carers look after Victor very well and support his needs. The service is more than we expected and we would definitely recommend the service of Caremark.Client's Wife, Mrs P.T.21/02/2019
The carers are polite, on time and go over and beyond what is required, especially carer J.W. I am very impressed with the service provided by the carers of Caremark and I would recommend this service. Keep it up!Client, Mrs M.E-J.18/12/2018
Mum has received care from Caremark for a few years now and as a family member, I am confident that she is being treated in a kind, caring and dignified manner by those who attend to her needs. Mum has dementia and can be quite trying at times, the carers from Caremark continue to demonstrate kindness and compassion. I would recommend this company.Client's Daughter, A.P.04/09/2018
The carers are respectful towards my husband and patient to let him do as much as he can for himself. They are 90% on time and always cheerful and willing to help to make him feel comfortable. There is continuity with the carers which is helpful as it helps when he gets agitated.Client's Wife, Mrs P.C.08/08/2018
An excellent service, care team very good.Client, Mrs S.C.25/07/2018
I don't think I can adequately describe the wonderful care I have received from Caremark. I was in a lot of pain waiting for a hip replacement, housebound. Having always, previously been independent and active, I was at a low ebb when the care started. Both before and since the operation - which I'm pleased to say was a success - the carers showed nonstop professionalism and a great deal of common sense, understanding, kindness and respect. Each one has been superbly supportive, both emotionally and practically. Their support was delivered in various ways. They did most of the daily domestic tasks I couldn't manage, they checked I'd taken my medication and what I'd had to eat and drink. They sometimes did shopping for me, we also had fun chats that lifted my mood and made me feel more positive about the operation and my recovery. They have been marvellous.Client, Mrs H.S.16/07/2018
Caremark has done their utmost to fit in with our needs, being always friendly and kind.
One or two "hiccups" along the way, but this is our first experiences of care in the home and so far we are well pleased.
Client's Wife, Mrs G.C.14/02/2018
The home care I get is very good. They will do anything for me, I am treated well and the care I get makes me feel safe.Client, Mrs G.G.14/02/2018
Carers were professional and caring when dealing with client J.S. She had severe dementia. They worked well as a team, liaising with family, doctors, hospitals and all the many contributors that make it possible for clients to stay in their own homes. She was treated with kindness and every effort was made to make sure she kept her dignity at all times.

They all tried to converse with client J.S. using humour as she had always responded well to humour. They were always clean and well presentable and more importantly keep client J.S. clean and comfortable.

We felt they cared about client J.S. safety and left the house secure. The team, especially the manager are a credit to the carers community.
Client's Nephew, Mr I.S.21/11/2017
I would just like to say THANK YOU to you and the carers for the care that you have given Mum.Client's Daughter, Mrs D.B.03/11/2017
To Ola and her team, we would like to thank you. J.S. was very fortunate to have so many loving carers surrounding her.Client's Nephew and his Wife04/09/2017
Thank you for all your great work for H.S.Client's Daughter, Mrs S.H.20/06/2017
To the carers that took care of J.A. with patience, kindness and love. You helped us and mum so much, you truly are earth angels. Thank you so much.Family of Client Mrs J.A.24/05/2017
I am very happy to see carer M.D.S always, carer M.D.S comforts me so much. Thank you so much i appreciate every thing you do, you are the best!Client, Mrs J.A.17/03/2017
I would just like to say THANK YOU to you and carer P.M., for how you are looking after my mum. Carer P.M. managed to get mum a shower and washed her hair yesterday, ready for her Doctor's appointment, it was very much appreciated.Client's Daughter, Mrs D.B.08/11/2016
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