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Additional Services

Caremark (Barnsley) provides a wide range of care and support services to young people and adultsliving in the borough of Barnsley. Our services are person-centred and we workwith our clients, their families and advocates to devise bespoke packages ofcare designed to promote independence and improve health and wellbeing.

Ourservices in full are:

Elderly Care

People, particularly the elderly, want to remain in their home where theyfeel comfortable and safe. However, when a care need arises this can be difficult,especially if they have no family support. The care we provide is all focusedon helping people remain in their home whilst at the same time ensuring theyretain as much independence as possible.

Whether it is providing fewhours respite care each week, through to a more comprehensive package of care,including live-in care, our care plans are all centred round the individual. Weensure the people we care for in Barnsley are treated with dignity, compassionand respect, and we strive not only to maintain quality of life, but to improveit.

Our dedicated carerswill assist with a range of personal and practical tasks, including:

The level of care weprovide is dependent on the particular needs of the individual, whether thatentails a 15-minute visit each day through to 24-hour, seven days a week live-incare. Please call us for more information on home care for the elderly.

Children and Young People

We offer a broad range of services that can be tailored to theindividual needs of children and young people and working with their families,advocates and commissioners, we are able to devise bespoke care packages tomeet even the most complex of needs.

These needs can include physical disabilities,such as cerebral palsy and visual impairment; learning disabilities, such asautism, and mental health issues, including schizophrenia and drug andalcohol-related problems.

Our overriding aim is to maintain normal familyrelationships within the home and for the child/young person to remain safelycared for in their own home setting. Our care packages are designed to beflexible and adaptable and can range from a few hours respite care each week,through to 24-hour live in care. If youwould like further information please get in touch.

Live-in Care

If someone requiresround-the-clock care, this sadly often means they need to go into residentialcare. Caremark (Barnsley) has aspecialised live-in care service, which is designed to ensure people can remainin their own home even if they have the most complex and challenging needs.

The benefit of thisservice is that individuals can receive help with all their personal andpractical household tasks, such as domestic duties, help with medication andshopping, and also be safe and comfortable in the knowledge our highly trainedand dedicated carers will always be there, whatever the time or day.

Staff on our specialistlive-in care team undergo a rigorous training programme and are regularlymonitored to ensure the service they are providing is of the highest possiblequality. They also respect an individuals’ right to privacy in their own home, sowhen they are not needed, they will stay out of the way.

We believe ourbespoke live-in care service is the ideal home care solution and often provingto be more cost effective than living in a care home. To find out more pleasecontact our head office.

Specialist Care

We provide specialist care services designed to support peoplewith complex care needs, including those with a physical disability, learningdisability, mental health issues and age-related problems such as dementia.

In close consultation with clients, theirfamilies and healthcare professionals/advocates, we will devise a care plan tomeet a specific need, which can range from helping someone with an acquiredbrain injury through to supporting people with a physical disability such ascerebral palsy.

Some of our specialist care services we provide include:

Itis our belief that everybody, regardless of their care need, should be given the opportunity to lead afull and rewarding life and we are dedicated to ensuring the people we care forare as happy and comfortable as possible. Please get in touch to find out moreabout our specialist care services.

Replacement/Respite Care

Caring for a loved one or friendcan be very rewarding but also often tiring, especially if the person you arelooking after has challenging and/or complex needs.

Everyone needs a well-earned breakonce in a while but, understandably, you need to be comfortable that whilst youare away, the person you are caring for is receiving the best possible care.

Caremark (Barnsley) offers a replacement/respitecare service, which can range from just popping in for a few hours each day toensure your loved one/friend has everything they need, to live-in care forpeople who have more demanding care needs.

Whatever the situation, we guarantee you will beable to take a break safe in the knowledge they are comfortable and being wellcared for. Please call our office if you would like to findout more about our replacement/respite care service.

IndividualService Funds

There is growing emphasis on allowing people whorequire care to be responsible for their own social care budgets, known asIndividual Service Funds. For some people, however, it can be quite daunting. 

Ourexperienced team will support you through the process and work with you toensure you make the most efficient use of your budget and receive the supportyou require.

Caremark (Barnsley) can manage Individual ServiceFunds on behalf of individuals, helping them to buy a variety of services, suchas equipment they may need for their homes, community-based activities/hobbiesthey may need/like to access, respite care and home care.

If you would likesupport managing your social care budget, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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