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Many of you took part in our Summer Sunflower challenge, which we launched just this year to have some fun with our Client’s and our Support Workers. There were many Sunflowers planted and seeded by our wonderful team, and it was a very very close call as to who the winner was!

In 1st place, and so proud of her very own sunflower- Emily! 

Emily has a keen eye for gardening already as this is one of her Grandads hobbies, she took care of her Sunflower seed right from the beginning, watering it, keeping it warm, and repotting it when it was outgrowing it’s temporary home.. In the end, Emily’s Sunflower was almost taller than her! Well done Emily and also a huge well done to everyone else who took part. 

We bought Emily a small token gift as the prize winner which we surprised her with at our Allotment Halloween Party which Emily attended with her Mum, Dad and her brothers.

We love getting involved with our Client’s and out Staff doing different things, we really enjoyed running this small competition, (as did our Clients too!) alongside many other things that we do throughout the year, it was definitely a bit of light hearted competitive fun between us and we will be doing something similar next Summer, watch this space!


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