Care Assistants face many challenges every day in providing care to our customers. But commuting to a customer’s home shouldn’t be difficult or stressful. Could electric bikes for care assistants be the answer?

Sometimes, great Care Assistants may not get the job they applied for simply because they do not drive. Sometimes when parking in city centres it is impossible to find a parking spot, parking can be expensive, and traffic can be nightmare. Cars can be expensive to run and petrol cars are not very environmentally friendly.

Real game changer for the care assistants. Electric bikes perfect answer for care assistants who walks and can not drive….

  • Low cost! Average cost per charge for 40-50 miles range is only 12p, no road tax or high maintenance costs.
  • No driving tests! No drivers licence or your own car needed.
  • Quick! No more sitting in traffic jams or struggling to find a parking space, ride in bus and bike lanes.

…… e-bikes really could be a potential solution.

Some of the Caremark offices and their teams are already enjoying the benefits of electric bikes, us Caremark(Surrey Heath and Rushmoor) are the newest member of using this awesome bike.

“I love the bike and want to use it going forward. I found that it made my job a lot easier in getting from one visit to another. I really enjoyed riding it”.

Now the Eskuta SX-250 is no ordinary eBike, it’s not like anything you’ve ever seen before. It looks like a small motorcycle, so it has all the features to make you feel safe and comfortable.

Do you think it be great to whizz around with ease, not use public transport, have more flexibility in your work and at the same time improve your personal life, as you help improve the lives of others?

Effortlessly carry all your equipment, and with a simple bike-like operation, riding your SX-250 eBike is a doddle. After a full demonstration, you’re ready to roll.

Rest easy knowing you’re fully insured, eliminating any worries. We’ve got you covered for peace of mind on every journey.


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