Two care assistants have been nominated for an ABCD award by senior CSW Wendy. 

Wendy is the main Carer for J and would like CSW Natalie and CSW Chloe to be recognised for their hard work with Client J. Wendy said “Natalie and Chloe have been doing drawing and painting with J on the weekends and she’s loving it.” They have both been working so hard to keep J engaged and stimulated. J usually attends a day centre to socialise and take part in activities but lots of carers have been ensuring J doesn’t miss out during the national lockdown. 

District nurse amazed by double-up Care and support workers

Following a visit to our customer J, the nurse who was joined by Senior CSW Shaun and CSW Marcus at the visit had to pass on his compliments to the pair of carers. In the office, we always receive detailed updates from Shaun and Marcus and it was an honour to receive a phone call from a health professional purely to praise our staff.  

Lost in translation

We have been taking on a variety of care packages in which the customer’s first language isn’t English. CSW Heidi wanted to be able to communicate directly with customer A to make her feel more at ease when providing care. Heidi found software on her mobile to help; the software allows individuals to dictate in their own language. The app recognises the language and translates a conversation in real time between two people. We love the initiative CSW Heidi has shown in her role. 


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