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01 Feb 2017

Maria Moldovanu (Hillingdon)

Congratulations to Maria Moldovanu (Monica) from (Hillingdon) Care and Support Worker of the month for January 2017

Monica, as she likes to be called, is a care worker for a lady with very challenging behaviour which is extreme and occurs on a daily basis. So much so that other care workers in the team refuse to visit her as she is rude and swears at the staff. Monica, however, has the patience of a saint and our client’s family are amazed with the change in their sister due to Monica’s unending patience and outstanding care delivered to her.

Monica works three months on and two weeks off. She is very welcoming to other staff who cover her breaks and always completes a thorough hand over. She ensures incoming staff are aware of any issues and help her colleagues understand how to handle her client’s behaviour.

Although English is not Monica’s first language, her verbal and written skills are excellent. She has great empathy for her client who has an extreme mental health condition. She always ignores the abuse, sees past it and delivers excellent care at all times. Her client’s social worker and CPN are delighted with the care given and has asked if Monica can be cloned!
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