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01 May 2015

Betty Keane (Barnet & Enfield)

Betty is 100% reliable. She can always be depended on to arrive on time, to deliver a high standard of service to her customers and not to let us down at the last minute

She always gets her timesheets in on time and lets the office know immediately of any issues. She is one of the few Care Workers who appreciate that the office staff actually have quite a difficult job to do!

Looking smart and professional, following procedure and completing documentation carefully are Betty's strengths, and she can be relied on to be loyal to the company and maintain confidentiality at all times.

Betty is always willing to pick up extra calls to cover for her colleagues, frequently working outside her availability and at unpopular times (such as Sundays). She works well on double-ups and is happy to work with any other Care Workers.

Not only is she well liked by our office staff, her customers like the fact that they can trust her to provide a consistent, reliable service. They know that she won't let them down and they appreciate her straightforward, no-nonsense approach.

Betty is a bit of an 'unsung heroine'. She is invaluable to us in that she works incredibly hard, never makes a fuss about anything and calmly gets on with her work, doing her best to help out whenever she can. We would like to clone her!

Visit the Caremark (Barnet & Enfield) website for more information on their home care service.

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