Accessibility Options

Accessibility Options

Did you know that most computers have options built into them to make it easier for people with low or no vision to use them.Click for information

A friendly face, and having someone to talk to makes a real difference in the lives of those with limited accessibility. This positive addition to people’s lives can be something to look forward to and relish. We can help making plans, arranging travel, and supporting those in need maintain friendships and a social network.

We can help you managesocial activities  such as shopping, a visit to the hairdresser, meeting up with friends and family for a coffee and meeting new people at a local club or event. Caremark appreciate everyone’s unique needs and aim to cater to those preferences at all times.

If someone is being cared for at home, whether it be short or long term, it can be beneficial to bring a little bit of the outside in. If someone is wheelchair-bound, that's not a barrier to us. Even someone who is permanently bedridden will be able to receive visitors at home.

Family and friends can have such a positive effect on the well being of clients who may not be able to leave their house that often. Those undergoing a short-term rehabilitation will enjoy maintaining friendships and their usual catch-ups in order to feel their best during their recovery process.

Caremark consider physical and mental abilities and will cater to these needs accordingly. Day trips can be an important part of living an active life, and we want people to know that we can assist them to go out as best as we can.
Offering a change in scenery, a walk, or a special trip can be a great mood enhancer. We always encourage independence where possible, as we never want to take that away from someone. We work with our clients to find the perfect balance and harmony.

Social activities we can help with:

Keeping on top of plans can be difficult, so we can help you organise:

The possibilities are endless. So if you have a particular destination in mind, just let us know. If you, or someone you know would benefit from help with arranging activities, Caremark can help. Our services are cost effective and serve as a great alternative to placing a loved one in a residential care home, which can be life changing.

Everyone has interests that not only involve social interaction but increases mental stimulation, and of course enjoyment. Chosen activities will effectively support those with complex needs like Dementia or Alzheimer’s to be engaging and helpful. The activities we can help with also offer support in physical, mental, social, creative and sensory ways where desired.

Caremark offers support in ways to make lives easier

Our Care Workers are experienced in helping all kinds of people with care needs. They are diligent and thoughtful and trained to meet the highest expectations when providing care. You can relax knowing that your loved ones will receive the quality support they need, want and deserve.

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