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Help with domestic duties and housekeeping

As people get older, or if they have disabilities, domestic tasks and housekeeping can become more and more challenging. Our assistants can help with household-related errands, both outside the home and tasks in the home, to make life a little easier.

Our services offer reassurance to loved ones that their family member is being assisted with things they find difficult or can no longer do. This support can often be crucial for ensuring someone can continue living in the home they know and love.

We are sensitive to our clients’ feelings about giving up domestic duties

We know how demoralising it can be to people who have spent a lifetime looking after their own home to find they are now not able to do so. Our carers are trained to be sensitive to such situations, ensuring as much as possible that the person they are helping does not feel too much of a loss of independence by giving up tasks they used to be able to do.

There are times when the little tasks we must do build up and get on top of us. Simple things like popping to the shops or attending a doctor’s appointment can sometimes get too much. It’s great to know that support is available and can provide some relief.

Delegating tasks to Caremark frees up time

Delegating tasks to Caremark means that time and energy can be utilised for more important things in life, like being with family and friends. And by working out a plan in conjunction with loved ones we can take on duties in such a way that the person we care for feels freer rather than disenfranchised.

Domestic home care may be as little as a 30-minute or an hour visit once a week. We work with our clients and those around them to find the perfect balance and harmony.

Here we look at what Caremark’s domestic duties and housekeeping care services can offer you and your family.

In this guide we’ll focus on:

Which domestic duties can we support you with?

Domestic duties and responsibilities

Getting help with domestic duties and housekeeping

How to find out more about Caremark’s domestic duties service

A member of our friendly team will be happy to give you further details about Caremark’s domestic care and housekeeping service and how we can help you or your loved one. Please click here to find the contact details for your local office.

To read more about how we can help with domestic care, visit our section on Domestic Duties.

Which domestic duties can we support you with?

Some examples of typical domestic duties Caremark can support with include:

  • Tidying and maintaining the home
  • Preparing, cooking and helping with meals
  • Eating and drinking at regular times or at mealtimes
  • Washing up after meals or afternoon tea
  • Laundry at home or at the laundrette
  • Paying bills and collecting pensions
  • Writing out shopping lists
  • Looking after pets/dog walking
  • Vacuuming and dusting
  • Changing and washing bedsheets
  • Light gardening
  • Assisting with shopping

Our aim is to provide care that helps our clients to maintain independent living as much as possible. To do this we encourage the people we look after to keep doing the general domestic tasks they’ve always done. We can provide support by working alongside them to carry out tasks and household duties; take over a task; or carry out a series of pre-designated duties.

Often our clients enjoy having some of the burden of household duties taken from them, so they can spend more time doing things they enjoy. Sometimes domestic tasks become too much for a person to do and their loved ones feel reassured that they are no longer carrying out potentially dangerous activities.

Domestic duties and responsibilities

Our care assistants can visit on regular days and times depending on individual lifestyle needs and preferences. Our service becomes a routine occurrence that helps our clients to keep their houses looking nice, leaving them free to do the things they enjoy, like hobbies or seeing friends and family.

Our care assistants can also be booked for ad hoc help, as and when a bit of extra assistance with household duties in and outside the home is needed. Friends and family of the elderly or those living with a disability often find it very reassuring to know that their loved one is getting help with household duties, especially those that involve lifting and physical work.

From tidying, cleaning, dusting and hoovering, to looking after pets, writing shopping lists and collecting pensions, our support with domestic tasks enables our clients to stay in the comfortable and familiar surroundings of their own home. Staying at home is usually a much-preferred option to a residential home.

Getting help with housekeeping and domestic duties

We offer a wide range of services both on a regular and one-off basis. Our aim is to do all we can to ensure your or your family member's life is easier and less stressful.

Cleaning and vacuuming

A clean tidy house can make all the difference to how you are feeling and when you spend a lot of time at home having help keeping your house clean can give you a real boost. Our care assistants can vacuum, dust, clean wooden flooring, clean bathrooms and even take out the rubbish. With our support and help our clients are freer to focus more time on hobbies and socialising, or even just on resting and relaxing.

Laundry and ironing

We can keep on top of the washing and ironing, change bed linen and even take special items to the dry cleaners.

Looking after pets

We’ll make sure you or your loved one's pets are given the best possible care and attention, including walks, grooming, vet visits and, of course, simply ensuring they have fresh water and food.

Ad hoc tasks

One of our care assistants can come to your or your family member's home to help with ad hoc cleaning, washing or errands. This flexible service involves the carer asking for any priorities and taking direction according to you or your loved one's needs on the day.

Help with meals and snacks

Our care assistants will be able to prepare nutritious snacks and meals either with you or your loved one or under direction. They are trained to consider dietary requirements and will work together with all involved in your or your family member’s care to put together a meal plan if their help is ongoing. They will also help wash and tidy up afterwards and can help with feeding if required. Read more about how we can help with shopping and meal preparation here.

Running errands and help with shopping

From picking up prescriptions and collecting food shopping to going to the post office and running general household related errands, our services also cover domestic tasks outside of the home.

Housekeeping duties with live-in care

Our round-the-clock care service can include help with domestic tasks and housekeeping such as washing, ironing, vacuuming and dusting. Once the live-in carer knows their client better and understands their preferences and needs they can tailor their support, like cooking them their favourite lunch, or putting their favourite television show on, ensuring important letters are dealt with, and knowing exactly where things go in the house. Click here to read more about this service.

"I am so happy with the wonderful service! With you taking such good care of me my niece no longer has to worry about me! I so look forward to the carers coming!"

Mrs S - Midhurst

Would you like Caremark’s help with housekeeping and domestic duties?

Whether you’re looking into options for yourself or for a loved one, our team is on hand to answer your questions and explain the next steps. To help us understand your situation better, please fill out this form below and your local Caremark team will be in touch to go through your options with you.

To read more about how we can help with domestic duties, visit our section on Domestic Duties.

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