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Did you know that nearly a million older people in the UK go for more than a month without talking to someone?

We find that many of our clients don’t need a lot of help, but find a friendly face, or companion, there to support them with daily activities serves as beneficial to their well-being.

Companionship support extends to adults and younger people too. At Caremark, we understand that having someone around to help or to chat to is important for people of all ages. We can offer help with finding the perfect companion for those looking for support in this way.

What is Companionship Care?

Companionship care aims to reduce loneliness or prevent isolation in those who might otherwise become cut off from their community or human interaction. Care workers provide emotional and/or physical support where necessary and keep quality of life as high as possible.

Social interaction is highly important for those who may have an illnesses or other conditions affecting their mobility. It can also be extremely positive for someone suffering with loneliness by offering the support and feeling valued.

Who might benefit from Companionship care?

Caremark’s care workers can really help brighten an individual’s day. Our care workers visit at regular times, suited to your needs. They will become a recognised, welcome face who gives quality time to someone who really needs it and can offer an understanding and interesting conversation.

It is importance to understand all of the different care options and the best option will depend on the level and specific care that your loved one requires, budgets, preferences and your area.

Typical activities that Caremark clients enjoy with a companion include:

Caremark’s personalised Companion care services

Our professional, fully trained Care Workers provide reliable support and you can relax knowing that your loved ones will receive the high quality care they need.

Some things to consider when looking at companionship include:

Caremark will answer any questions you may have regarding our care services and how it may benefit someone you know. All you need to do is give your local Caremark a call as a first step.

Our friendly team will be happy to help.

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