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24 May 2021

Caremark in-home Care & Support Worker: “I've found my vocation”

Meet Karen from Caremark (North Down, Ards & Belfast).

Here is what Karen had to say on here role, caring for the vulnerable in her local community.

“My name is Karen and I joined the Caremark team with the hope of helping people live to the best of their ability with all their dignity considered in every area of their care.

I have made wonderful relationships with my fellow employees, supervisors and most importantly, my clients. I find that the people I care for are the most endearing and interesting people.

The support I've received from my supervisors and management has been reassuring, honest and completely confidence building.

The encouragement they've shown and the faith my team have in me has allowed me to be able to help the more vulnerable people who may not have as much family support as others.

I really appreciate that Caremark management and supervisors go out of their way to make sure everyone (including staff) are all very well looked after and feel like they're part of our little community together.

When I'm asked, ‘How was your day?’ I can honestly say, ‘Today was a great day.’

I've found my vocation. 💓”

Karen is not alone in finding her vocation working for Caremark (North Down, Ards & Belfast) as there are many stories like hers all across the UK and the good news is, Caremark are hiring, so if you have experience, great, if not full training is provided along with excellent rates of pay and that rewarding feeling that you’ve made a real difference to the vulnerable who need it the most, in your local community.

No two days are the same working as a Caremark Care & Support worker due to the variety of the clients we provide a wide range of services to. If you would like to find out more about a career with Caremark, then please click here to find out about jobs in your area.

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